The public lecture titled “Development of the Digital Society of the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0” which was held in the Convention Hall on the 3rd Floor of Campus I, Medan Area University on Thursday, October 17, 2019, presented a guest speaker at the Faculty of Communication, Padjadjaran University (UNPAD) Prof. Dr. Engkus Kuswarno, M.S.

Dean of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) University of Medan Area (UMA) Dr. Heri Kusmanto, MA when opening the activity in his remarks expressed his gratitude to Prof. Engkus Kuswarno who had allowed being able to attend UMA, to share knowledge with UMA students.

The rapid development of technology at this time is certainly a challenge for students to change the mindset that when graduating they do not have to work with others but from now on they must prepare themselves to make something that can be managed by themselves using existing technology, said Heri,

Currently, we have guests with a wealth of knowledge, so do not waste this opportunity to discuss, I hope that through this activity students can see the potential that exists to be used by themselves and for the community, added Heri.

Prof. Dr. Engkus Kuswarno, M.S, provided material about the portrait of the face of the Indonesian digital society during the industrial revolution 4.0, Explain the development of technology users in Indonesia which began to increase, especially internet users.

At present 50% of Indonesian people have used the internet, so the internet is a vast market for marketing the products that we have, and even have overcome conventional technology such as television, radio, and newspapers.

Prof. Engkus explained in front of the 300 students who were present, what was needed now was creativity, even creativity could come from a hobby, Prof. Engkus gave an example of someone who likes to make leather wallet designs, then upload them to social media, and currently his turnover reaches 300 million rupiahs/month.

With the development of the digital era and the Industrial 4.0 revolution we are currently living, the challenge is whether we can use it or not? especially for the current millennial must have the character of entrepreneurship, which aims to increase capabilities so that economic value for society.

The public lecture was also attended by the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs Beby Mashito Batubara, S. Sos, MAP Deputy Dean for Student Affairs Armansyah Matondang, M.Sc., Head of the Public Administration Bureau Drs. H. Syafruddin Ritonga, MAP and lecturers in the University of Medan Area