Government Studies Program, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Medan Area University, held a national webinar with the theme “The Importance of Overcoming Regional Government Policy Impasse in Handling Covid-19.”

The webinar event invited the Governor of Central Java H. Ganjar Pranowo, SH, M.IP as the speaker accompanied by Yurial Arief Lubis, S. Sos, M.IP as the moderator, and was opened by the Rector of the Medan Area University Prof. Dr. Dadan Ramdan, M.Eng, M.Sc.

In his remarks the Chancellor thanked the willingness of Governor Pranowo for taking the time to present the material in the webinar activity that was held on Monday, May 18, 2020.

The Chancellor introduced Medan Area University as one of the largest private campuses in North Sumatra which has 20 study programs, and 5 of them already have A accreditation, UMA currently manages 3 programs namely undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs. Since its foundation in 1983 UMA has graduated nearly 26,000 graduates.

Before officially opening the webinar event, the Chancellor hopes the speakers can explain how the policy picture in handling this pandemic disaster, so that it can become a reference for other regions, especially North Sumatra.

Furthermore, the discussion program was guided by the moderator Yurial Arief Lubis, S. Sos, M.IP, as the opening discussion he said that this activity was a form of devotion to the University of Medan Area, in this case giving knowledge to the community on local government policies because there were indeed many reports about the media, which must be viewed objectively which the policymakers themselves will convey to the public.

The event continued with the speaker Mr. Governor Ganjar Pranowo, in his material he delivered three waves that emerged as a result of the COVID pandemic – 19 disaster, the first was a wave of health, the second was a social wave, and the third was an economic wave.

The surge in health caused panic in fulfilling medical devices, such as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), masks, and other equipment needed by health workers in every hospital that handles Covid-19 patients.

Then the problem arises about the rejection of the corpse and negative stigma from the medical staff in the community,

However, this emergency was immediately resolved by taking extraordinary policies, for example imposing strict sanctions on factories that were still exporting PPE equipment, even the Governor did not hesitate to revoke operating licenses if he was still “stubborn” and did not want to help.

Even this wave subsided after the response made by the Indonesian president and various related parties to meet the basic needs of medical personnel.

Furthermore, the Governor said that there were social problems, this became the second wave of panic, social problems began to emerge in the community, for example, the unequal social assistance that caused disturbances in the community.

Here the Governor invited the participants to unite to uphold the value of humanity by putting aside personal interests, ethnicity, race, religion, political views, and groups.

It can start from yourself in a way discipline yourself, living a disciplined life, and obeying government rules with not going home for example, is an individual contribution in the interests together to preserve life.

To help solve this problem, the governor asked for us to work together, encourage human values high level, for example returning aid if it is not entitled.

The governor is aware of and ensures that there must be an overlap with social assistance provided by the government, so we who have more ability can take action independently to ensure our neighbors and relatives who do not get social assistance from the government can meet their basic needs.

Furthermore, the economic problem, which is the impact of the COVID pandemic 19, is the emergence of a declining community economic problem, he even mentioned the economy in Central Java fell 50% from before the pandemic,

Therefore the community’s economy must be prepared as early as possible, leaders must be able to give new hope to the community by guiding the community, utilizing existing resources, providing training so that public knowledge increases and then proceed by encouraging small and micro industries by providing capital and guidance to the community can stand alone.

Thus the explanation given by the Governor of Central Java, Mr. H. Ganjar Pranowo, for more details can be seen at the Medan Area University channel.