The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Medan Area University, again held a routine discussion Friday Barokah with the theme “Social Communication and Public Response to Covid-19, between Death and Stomach” on June 26, 2020

The virtual discussion was presented by the Speaker Drs. Bahrum Jamil, MAP and guided by moderator Nina Anggelia, S. Sos, M.Sc.

The discussion that was attended by lecturers and students at the University of Medan Area was conducive.

Presenters delivered how the public response to Corona Virus or known as Covid -19.

The community response included:

Completely understand and comply with the health protocol rules issued by the authorities, even if outside the home
Understood, but due to various things, forced to leave the house by violating the health protocol
Do not want to understand and invite people to follow what he believes about Covid-19 and health protocol
Addressing policies regarding the handling of Covid-19 by relating it to political issues, and usually its attitude is not in accordance with health protocols and government policies.

Very confident with the principle of life in God’s hands so that there is no change in behavior in everyday life.

The response of the community to respond to COVID 19 is indeed diverse, some are really obedient to follow the protocol from the government so that, there are those who understand, but because of economic reasons, they have to work outside the house in order to survive.

We can choose for ourselves how our attitude towards Covid 19, Which of the five responses do you choose?

In the discussion, the resource persons also provided solutions on how to deal with COVID -19, namely:

Policies that must be clear, decisive, and binding from the stakeholders
A consistent and committed educational process from the government and other stakeholders
Use all available SOCIAL COMMUNICATION channels effectively and right on target